Art beauty magic

The perception of Beauty is nutrition for the Soul
The creation of Beauty is exercise for the Soul
The living of Beauty is fulfillment for the the Soul
The source of Beauty is the Beloved of the Soul


heart bird yoga

Ah Yum Hunab Ku - Eva Maya Eh Ma Ho
A Mayan phrase that means loosely ~
"Oh Beloved Mother Father of All, Source of the Harmony of Mind and Nature - Isn't Everything So Beautiful ! "

time is art 

'Time is Art' is the catch phrase of the Dreamspell movement that seeks to prepare human consciousness for a quantum leap as the Mayan calendar ends in 2012.
To quote from
"The Law of Time affirms that the quality of beauty in nature is supreme; it is a scientific and mathematical function of fourth-dimensional time.
All art codes are within us."

At this time, when the whole world hangs in the balance, what greater creativity can there be than to help create a sustainable and compassionate world from the ruins of the nightmare that we call our human history?
If these words resonate with you...

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such beauty as has not been seen

~ Firebird ~

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All the Beauty that I have ever seen
is here within me, as it has always been.




 a message about art


The capacity to perceive Beauty is a measure of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Beauty is one of the Creator's favorite attributes, and the whole of Creation is imbued with its power. It is a mark of how lost modern society is that it is commonly believed that Art need not be Beautiful. That it is enough that it be interesting, shocking, intriguing, complex, or expressing emotion, thought provoking, or effecting the senses in some unexpected way. Real Art draws its power from the Source of all Creativity and provides a portal for communication with that Source. True Art is participation in the conscious evolution of humanity.
Not so long ago the terms Art, Magic, and The Great Work, were practically synonymous. Now as we approach the zeropoint of 2012 we must relearn Arts proper function - it is only the visions of Beauty that can lead us on to a harmonious awakening from the fever dreams of fear, separation, and greed, that still torment the world.

Sun Bird

One of the primary messages of the Bird Tribes is about Art and its appropriate use in this time of global transformation. Art can reflect the soul's brightest visions into temporal form. By crystallising the finest flames of awareness into patterns of sound, colour, or movement,a jewel may be made of such Beauty that it illuminates the path of conscious evolution for all who gaze into its depths. Then it will be healing for the Artist and uplifting for those who contemplate it.

The circumstances on Gaia are such that it is an urgent necessity that there be a new dedication of Art to the process of personal and planetary healing.

Artists (and this includes true scientists and creative thinkers of all kinds) will lead the way in finding a path towards greater harmony, as they have done many times before. It is their responsibility to assist the evolution of humanity by climbing to the mountain top and bringing back visions of a sustainable future and the path that leads towards it.


"What is good in humanity will have to fight for its life, if it is to have a future at all. Every form of creative will and intelligence must be called forth from the sleeping soul of humanity, because there is no escape and no going back."- Diane Harvey, essayist and painter

Beauty path


The Bird Tribes teachings have been disseminated through all cultures of the Earth, however the Native American understanding of Beauty is quite remarkable, and we thank them for preserving into these times the teachings of the Beauty Way.

To think only Beautiful thoughts, to perform only Beautiful deeds, to speak only Beautiful words ~ this is the path of the Angels that keeps them always consciously in the presence of the Creator!


To walk the Beauty Path is to learn to relate to the Beauty within everything, even when the Beauty is veiled from our senses, even when the Beauty is hidden from our minds eye. When we have cultivated the Beauty of our own hearts, and come to know Beauty's secret ways, then we may know that she is truly present everywhere.

dove ani

stream oif beauty



There is a stream of Beauty that does flow

Through all the many coloured lands of earth

At any moment where ever One is

Or what the situation that may seem

This stream is there to quench One's deepest thirst

To bathe and to renew One's spirit in


To stand within the blessed waterfalls

One need but focus One's attention on

The Beauty in whatever form it takes

As light or sound, as touch or taste or scent

Or as a pattern seen within the mind

An idea, fantasy or memory.


The longer One abides within this stream

The stronger Love becomes within One's heart

And clearer it becomes, beyond what seems

This Beauty is the core of what we are.


Look up or look within or to the depths

And you will see the self same river flows

And if you rest and let it carry you

You'll find that all anxieties and fears

Dissolve like dreams into the morning light.


Star nursery

arts of awakening
In case you have not met them yet we would like to introduce you
to some of our favourite artists...

We would like to thank one of our favourite artists Andrew Gonzalez for permission to use his work in our cover collage for our Cd Rom. You can see more of his work at his website


Andrew Gonzales

"I would come to view my drawings ... as mystical love poems to the soul. I would often relate to the female figures of my artwork as dakini messengers or as an anima mediatrix to the dimensions within, the projected mirror of the soul. For me, drawing and painting became soul-crafting." A Gonzalez




"Unless the eye catch fire
the God will not be seen.
Unless the tongue catch fire
the God will not be named.
Unless the heart catch fire,
the God will not be loved.
Unless the mind catch fire,
the God will not be known."

William Blake





The beauty of Maxfield Parrish's use of light nearly a century ago has rarely been equaled.




Ashes and Snow


This is a photograph! Environmental campaigner Gregory Colbert has produced some of the most sublime images of people and nature ever seen. He has a beautifully presented flash site called Ashes&



If you have not yet discovered the works of Alex Grey
you have missed one of the most interesting artists of the last century.
See more of his work on his website




Gibran flame

"Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste,
it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple
and take alms of those who work with joy."
Kahlil Gibran






Book of Wisdom


Artist Nicholas Roerich traveled in through Tibet nearly a century ago. Later he set up the Agni Yoga in the USA and created the Roerich Peace Pact and Flag that asked countries to not target cultural treasures in times of war.






Illustrator Michael Green is best known for his Illuminations of Rumi's poetry. His website is . You can find 'The Illuminated Rumi" in the BirdTribesBazaar bookshop.