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Sales made through this page will help to finance the development and management of the BirdTribes and the One Earth Community websites. You will find a wide range of items below. As well as our unique Sacred Geometry jewelry we have cards, posters, music, t-shirts, books, nutraceuticals, and more. We also have a range of website hosting, optimisation, and design services to fit your needs.

Because we have such a range of products to promote we cannot combine them all into one checkout. Therefore you will find that the different sections below have their own shopping carts. We apologise if this causes inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Section One
Sacred Geometry Art

The 2 most important Sacred Geometry items that BirdTribes promotes are
The Universal Yoga Mandala & The TimeTraveller Hypercube Pendant.

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The Universal Yoga Mandala poster combines numerous multicultural archetypal symbols into a web of imagery that creates meanings relevant to each persons situation - much the same way as a tarot reading. Around the outside of the main circle is the geometrical layout of the planets on the 21st Dec 2012 that creates a link to that time and that consciousness. The lightbody at the center is the solar angel-magician-yogi suspended in the vortex of creation.
The mandala is also a reference chart for combining awareness of the 5 elemental qualities with yoga practice.

There is much more about the mandala and its symbology at its own website www.yogaverse.com (link opens in new window).


The TimeTraveller is a hand made gold plated geometry. It is a particularly symetrical 3 dimensional projection or "shadow" of a 4 dimensional cube. It represents spacetime and the ability to transcend it and navigate between realities. Contemplating its structure creates a mental hologram that has strongly implied 4 dimensional logic and tends to awaken the higher mind centres and accelerate ones evolution. It is produced for the One Earth Network be specially trained craftsmen and offered as a symbol for the new level of consciousness that humanity is openning to in order to make the quantum leap neccessary at this time. There is much more about it at its own website www.sacredpatterns.com (link opens in new window).

~ Order Sacred Geometries through the interface below ~
Click an item below to see its price. All prices include postage and handling.
Small geometries can be worn as pendants or kept on altars. Larger geometries can be hung as mobiles.
Clicking the (i) button will bring up more info on each item.


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Section Two
Mystical Music
We shall be adding many inspirational albums to our music collection over the next months.
You may also find some albums included in the BirdTribes Bookshop below.

Jewels & Flames by Firebird ~ approx $20 incl postage

Jewels and Flames Cover Graphics

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Section Three


An extensive collection of titles on all the themes related to the Bird Tribes website -
including of course the book that inspired us in the first place - Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey.

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Section Four
BirdTribes shirts and much more

Our imagery on a wide range of T-shirts Sweatshirts Cards Posters
MousePads Clocks Cups Badges Tiles and more!

Bird tshirt sample designs

Sampler images

Geometry Tshirt sample designs


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Section Five
Websites & Graphics

Contact us to discuss hiring us for website, animation, and design services.

Recommended Website Resources

If you need a website we can wholeheartedly recommend to you the following resources
as being the best we have yet discovered in our extensive research or the latest tools available on the web!
Feel free to contact us with any questions about the services below.


- a website hosting package with a built in online business success course, USD$300 a year - The best choice for a small business that wants a website that actually generates income! Sitesell includes a good website maker & templates to get you started. What makes them truly exceptional though is that Sitesell includes a complete program and all the tools you will need to prepare your site - research, content development, search engine optimisation, preselling, and sales. They have a very active online community support system, and claim that over half their sites are in the top 3% of all websites in regard to the amount of traffic they generate! This is the most successful package of its kind on the web! If we were starting a small business on the web from scratch this it the way I would go! Sitesell pays a 25% commission on referrals for their services.
Here's a free ebook they give away about
how to make any website sell

SpiritWeb logo

- website hosting based around a great Content Management System that makes it as easy as it can be to update and manage your own website. Choose between ready made templates and custom development. Spiritweb is run by friends of ours and we are sure they will have your best interests at heart. - Spiritweb CMS sites start at approx AUD$900 upfront plus approx AUD$15 to $25 a month hosting.
Spiritweb was developed with large to medium businesses in mind. It is an incredible deal for a business that wants advanced features and is concerned about security, ease of training staff, etc. Spiritweb sites have an integrated and highly customisable ecommerce shopping cart, and an easy to use and extremely flexible Content Management System. They also have Extranet/ MultiUser/ MultiAdmin/ FileSharing/ Membership/ functionality built in.
Spiritweb is a superb deal for organisations or if you need multi-user or membership features.
The team at Spiritweb will work with you to set up your site and train you in updating and developing it yourself.
Please mention to them that you came through this BirdTribes promotion as we receive our commissions on an honour system! Spiritweb does not have an affiliate program setup.


- A generous and 'Green' Website Hosting package. USD$10 a month or $100 a year - This BirdTribes site is hosted by Permaworld who are a non-profit organisation that support various worthy sustainability projects around the world. For $100 a year you get very generous hosting space and bandwidth, and a basic online website maker.
We recommend this option if you only need hosting for a site you will develop yourself using other programs or templates, or if you want to use their website maker to create a fairly basic site. Permaworld pays a $20 commission on yearly memberships. Green Powered!

GDI logoGlobal Domains International

- Domain name, hosting, and business opportunity - USD$10 a month - GDI is an interesting resource. For the $10 a month they give you a dot ws domain name, 100meg of hosting space, and a reasonable website maker. Its a good all in one cheap solution and includes qualification for commissions from anyone who joins GDI through you 5 levels deep.

Our own web and graphic design services ~

We also offer our own website services. Our work is always informed by the principles of Sacred Geometry. We can create whole websites that are easy to manage and update. We also make movies, easy to manage slideshows, cool galleries, Flash animations, Shopping carts, etc. We do S.E.O. (search engine optimisation) to get you found by the search engines. We can also work with you if you choose to use one of the resources listed above. Whatever your needs if you feel that you would like to work with us please get in touch!


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Section Six

Health & Vitality
We believe that during these stressful times of world crisis it is a great blessing to be able to avail ourselves of the most potent natural substances that can help us to remain fully functional.
If you are unwell you are severely limited in how you can serve the planet.
We have been privileged to have access to some of the worlds most advanced medicines and nutraceutical products and we are happy to share our experience with you.
Because this is such a huge subject and every individual situation is different... if you are in need of assistance with your levels of health and vitality please contact us for a free consultation by telephone or if this is not possible then by skype or email.
We also suggest you read our Health Energy Nutrition page for more information. We wish you well!


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