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~ Only Love ~

How much of all the love that can be
will I let myself feel?
How much of all the beauty will I let my eyes see?
How much of all that is given will I choose to receive?
Oh let it flow through me, let it blow through me,
see the words that are fire on the page -
every gesture burning, every moment turning
in the hands of love -
what was it that I wanted so much to say?

~ Firebird ~

real love

Thanks to Andrew Gonzalez for creating the beautiful artwork used in this collage

Love?! Who said that Word of words,
most multitudinous in meaning,
and hardest of all to understand?
Love?! Who spoke that exalted excuse
for all manner of strange behavior?
Love?! Who aimed that loaded gun of belief
at the heart of illusion?
Love?! Who put that icing on the cake of sex,
who laid that feast on the table of evolution?
Love?! Who had that vision
without a touch of which
no beautiful thing was ever created,
and no song would be worth the singing.
Love?! Who made that unkeepable promise,
who surrendered to that irresistible temptation.
Love?! Who used that child's word,
that woman's word,
that ancient and sacred
and mysterious and powerful word,
that living changing word,
that jewel among words...
that Word... Love... Oh yes...
in all its multitudes of meanings -
O Yes, I must confess,
I spoke that word...

For what else is there worth to speak but Love?
What else could be aught but a waste
of Breath that rightly used
can call to life the dead
returning them to omnipresent God?

For the name of the Word is Love,
and the lips of my heart tremble
as I whisper it unto Thee,
for it cannot be spoken by the subtlest tongue
nor heard by the most sensitive ear
but only whispered as a silent prayer
from innermost heart to innermost loving heart.

~ Firebird ~


apple core adam and eve

~ To Meet You Love ~

Truly I cannot say... what is this Gift
nor who Thou Art
that brings it unto me -
For as I take it from its coverings
such light breaks forth within my grateful hands
my visions of all things blur with sweet tears
and Love streams from my heart to meet you here,
to meet you now, to meet you... Love.

Behold the lips of Time do kiss the Bird in flight
and speak the Word of Awakening
that brings the end of Night.

~ Firebird ~

Rare photo of Ken Carey

"When your love extends to include enough of your world to admit the vision of eternity, you will feel its blossom-like sensors unfolding, blooming to bring you more complete awareness of the multi-dimensional reality in which you live. Yet the fully activated human sensory system is more than just an interdimensional communication device. In miniature it replicates in the structural pattern of its biogravitational field the same pattern found in planetary, solar, galactic, and universal fields. Activated, as it is for all those in an awakened state, it is capable of bringing through its own miniaturised circuitry the awareness of the archangelic beings who over light each of these spheres.
Ken Carey in 'Starseed - the Third Millennium'

“Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


light body

"Love alone can unite living beings so as to complete and fulfill them... for it alone joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and the earth." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Awakening the sensitivity that allows you to access universal information... requires an accurate knowledge of self. Yet you cannot know yourself until your images of self are dissolved, and only love is capable of that dissolution.
Feel love being offered to you from the life that rises in your veins, feel love being offered to you in the sunlight that shines upon your home, in the rains that fall upon the fields that provide your grains, in the eyes of a child, partner, or friend. The love available to you in each moment is more than enough to dissolve the subtle ties that bind you in illusion."
"Understanding can be symbolised and to some extent conveyed through words, but understanding itself requires language no more than the bird requires a cage."
Ken Carey in 'Starseed - the Third Millennium'


The word Love has become the ultimate cliche. Yet still somehow it retains its power because the reality of Love is the core of all meaning, the centre of all reference.
So what does Love mean in this day and age when billions of human souls live under the oppression of poverty, starvation, imprisonment, war, and environmental degradation?
Can you honestly say you Love humanity? Do you Love your own country, or people of your own political persuasion, or your own religion, or race, or language group? Do you Love your family, your friends? How much do you Love yourself?
Do you Love the Earth, its creatures, its plants, its landscapes? Do you Love only beautiful things but not ugly ones? Do you Love the divine, howsoever you conceive of it? How do you define Love ?
What would you be willing to do for Love?

These are important questions. Ones that everyone must consider if they are to have anything of real value to contribute to the world in this time.

To truly Love is to be a transformative force within the world. It is to have eyes among the blind, to be awake among dreamers. It is to have purpose among those lost in meaninglessness.
To Love is to be irresistibly motivated to give in return for the love you are privileged to experience.
To live Love is to be a true Leader, a wayshower to all who are seeking to find the ultimate answer to all questions.


Thanks to Gregory Colbert for his beautiful photograph used in this collage

We invite you to take on the mantle of leadership in bringing new love into the whirled.
We suggest that everyone has an impulse, a calling if you will - to do something towards the healing of Gaia.
We all feel subliminally the immense suffering that humans have contributed to on this planet. It has become the primary context within which we live our lives.
Therefore it is a core desire of each person to contribute something to the survival and transformation of the whole - to make a difference in some way. We believe that the solution to all the myriad problems on this physical plane can be found in empowering individuals to live the brightest possibility that they see for themselves to contribute to the greater good.

The Bird Tribes website was originally created around the year 2000. If you wish to see our latest projects aimed at providing information, inspiration and tools for planetary awakening, go here to visit the Sacred Geometry Forum, here to visit our Sacred Geometry Shop, and here to visit the Sacred Geometry Game.

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star child

Perhaps the most famous love poem of all time ~


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The Evolution of Love

Open I to understand
how Love can do these things:
Transforming darkness into eyes,
Transforming arms to feathered wings.
For in our lifetimes we may see
such miracles as these:
The soldier's ice heart blaze with fire,
A world at war restored to Peace.

As caterpillar calligraphies
Have metaphored in their cocoons
Into winged choreographies
Of awareness,
So from the chrysalis of dreams
emerges the truly human being
with the butterfly of compassion
balanced on one finger.

~ Firebird ~

star nursery