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"Every song is a jewel, turn them in your hands
and the flames bound within them, in your eyes they will dance."

Music has a very special place in our lives for many reasons. It is a truly universal human experience. Music has been discovered by all cultures. Music and its beloved partner Dance are the most primal languages. Music powerfully interacts with the emotions, and harmonious music is very conducive to states of wellbeing.
The electronic revolution made possible new instruments for creating music, and the awesome ability to easily and cheaply record and play back the performances. Our ears are filled with more diverse and more constant music than anyone a few hundred years ago would ever have dreamed of.

Whether they are consciously aware of it or not all musicians are magicians weaving sacredgeometrical spells that influence the hearts and souls of their listeners. As we explain on the Beauty page, one of BirdTribes' messages to the world is that the only sane use of art in this time is to bring through visions that lead towards a viable future for humanity on this earth. Anything else, especially at this phase of our planetary journey, is an ego trip that has no ultimate value for anyone, and only a selfdestructive effect on its creator. By this we do not at all mean that art should be explicitly about sustainability and evolving the human heart, only that the energy that it transmits should be nurturing and uplifting and resonate with the possibilities that lead towards wholeness and away from the fragmentation of the personality that sustains our psychotic oppressive society.

On our page about the Rainbow Tribes we tell of a worldwide movement that has been happening for decades now where tens of thousands of people gather to connect with each other in the wilderness in Peace as one human family. A major aspect in keeping alive the vision of the Rainbow Tribes has been the music that is written and sung at the gatherings. It's a genre you may be unfamiliar with... and if so we are happy to introduce you to some of our favourite Rainbow music ...




"We are circling, circling together
We are singing, singing our heartsong
This is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is sacred..."
( This is perhaps one of the best known and most often sung Rainbow songs )

Rainbow music is a genre all of its own. Usually the songs are simple and repetitive as they become popular through sharing them around evening fires, teepee gatherings, and circles. In fact the magic of a Rainbow gathering is partly woven by the strength of so many voices sharing these powerful expressions and transmissions of the Rainbow vision.

In this age when we have access to technologies that create, amplify, record and reproduce music - there is something very special about live unamplified music. This is one of the reasons why the music at a Rainbow gathering is so beautiful. Another reason is that the experience of living together as part of the Rainbow Family and carrying the vision of sanity and harmony for humanity is so intoxicating that it cannot help but come through in the voices. It can be one of the peak musical experiences of your life to be part of an improvised choir where everyone's voice finds its perfect place in relationship to the whole.

Below you will find a very special movie that captures some of these moments. It was made available under the creative commons Attribution ShareAlike copyright agreement. It is over 100min long and contains 33! beautiful Rainbow songs, recorded after the 1997 US Rainbow gathering.

The sound and visual quality is not the best but considering the recording situation was probably a long way from the nearest sound studio or even mains electricity - it is not too bad :-) We hope you will appreciate the spirit that is transmitted anyway.

There is a songbook with chords which we hope to make available again here soon. It is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn a classic collection of Rainbow songs ! Two songs in particular we would like to draws your attention to... the very first song is Universal Lover performed by Fantuzzi who wrote it at the very first Rainbow gathering in 1972. And the other song to point out ... at exactly 41 min into the movie there is a song called 'the Return of the Bird Tribes'!!! (See our page about the Rainbow Tribes/ Bird Tribes connection)

Many thanks to the singers, musicians, songwriters, and video makers of the Rainbow Family of Living Light!
May the Rainbow vision become fully manifest and bring Peace on Earth !

You can download a reasonably high quality 100meg+ file of the whole move from the link below
or play the movie within your web browser.


The movie was produced by ConsciousWave Inc.
It is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial- ShareAlike 2.5 License.
creative commons