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Return of the Bird Tribes

'The Return of the Bird Tribes' was written by Ken Carey and published by Harper Collins in 1991. Like his seminal 'Starseed Transmission' books it is a cosmic vision of planetary transformation. He carefully explains in the introduction that it is written by a process of communion that is a natural evolution from what we have called 'channeling'. It is a merging of his consciousness with that of angelic intelligences. The most notable story in the book is that of the true story of the Native American visionary known as the Great Peacemaker.

Disclaimer - We never managed to contact the reclusive Ken Carey. He left this plane of existence some years ago,  and he is in no way involved with this website.

A multifaceted book, it is among other things, a history of the 'Bird Tribes' presence on Earth, beginning with our species first dawning of sentience. It tells of how the Warrior Tribes (the egoic separative consciousness) became dominant, and the reasons for the Bird Tribes withdrawal for the most part from the Earth. It also brings the promise of their returning presence. (The prophecies surrounding December 2012 can even be interpreted as the returning of the Galactic Bird Tribes.)

There are many interwoven stories in this book. The main story however is retelling of a little known piece of Native American history... how one man's vision, and the power with which he spoke the truth, brought five warring tribes to live in peace together. The mans name was Deganawida, and he was assisted in his quest by a great warrior we know as Haiawatha. The government they created is still in existence now, many hundreds of years later. They call themselves the Haudenosaunee, the People of the Long House, or the Ongwhehonwhe, the people of reality. The white men call them the Iroquois Confederacy.
They never surrendered their sovereignty to the United States government, they still live on the devastated remains of their tribal lands. They still declare their independance from the United States government and they have applied to the United Nations for recognition of their status as an independent people.
It is well documented that when the white races arrived, the American 'founding fathers' lived among these peoples and were much influenced by their example when they set up the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution.

For more about this history see our Native Wisdom page. For more about the corruption of the original vision of the Founding Fathers see our Recent History of the Warrior Tribes page
There are quotes form the Faithkeeper of the Haudenosaunee on the Peace page and the text of their speech at the United Nations here on the Sustainability page.

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The Great Peace Maker's work was not simply the creation of Peace between the 5 warring tribes, it was the establishment of the Great Law of Peace by which humans could live in harmony with each other and with the whole universe. Never has this teaching been more relevant than today as we face the multifacetted global crisis created by the egoic separatist consciousness of the warrior tribes. The roots of the Great Tree of Peace must spread out across the whole world if humanity is to survive the initiation into the next level of its evolution.

We highly recommend 'Return of the Bird Tribes' as inspirational reading for anyone who resonates with the Bird Tribe imagery and is interested in deepening their understanding of, (and involvement in), the process of planetary awakening.
This story has the potential to influence the current global crisis by providing a new context within which to understand modern history.
The whole world needs to know this forgotten chapter of Americas heritage!

All Ken Carey's books can be ordered from the Bird Tribes BookShop

A search on the web for 'Iroquois Confederacy', or Deganawida (the name of the Shaman/Prophet who united the tribes), will turn up some interesting historical references.

quotes from the book

There are many names for us. We have been called angels, Bird Tribes, higher selves, hoksedas, spirits of the stars. The reality of what we are is more than a name can convey...

As the new information society bubbles over into global spiritual awakening, we come to join with our human egos on a scale unprecedented in all of history...

People turn once again to the Great Spirit who is the source of all information. Rapidly in some, gradually in others, our egos discover their appropriate roles in the communication of this new awareness. And there is naturally distortion at first. But in the explosion of consciousness, it is soon purified. Our spirits incarnate in ever growing numbers. Distortion diminishes. Truth spreads. And how beautiful it is!

Invite the Bird Tribes into your awareness. Make a home for eternal spirit in your heart…

The process of relaxing all thoughts that require tension to sustain them is a process of relaxing habits of the past and awakening to the reality of your own spiritual presence...

Crude primitive symbolism, these letters on a page, but a beginning. For as you sense the reality behind these words, and follow the direction of our thought, there is movement in your life. You leave the cave of history’s deceit and enter the sunlit garden that has ever been your true home...

Like crocuses announcing the coming of spring, channeling proliferates for a season. Then, just as crocuses give way to daffodils, channeling in season gives way to a deeper and fuller communion. The spirits of God secure the cooperation of the egos with whom they commune on earth. Slowly and steadily they proceed through the process of bonding with their egos, no longer just speaking to them, messengers from the stars, but flowering into perfect union, waking up within them as the beings they themselves are...

The three and one-half billion year creative process culminates in your awakening.
The human Information Age explodes in unprecedented comprehension waves...

The purpose of these printed thoughts is to connect those who read them
with the source from which they flow...

Below is the BirdTribesPeaceFlag which is freely available to be used on any website dedicated to peaceful purposes.
There is no sound track (as yet).

using the internet

The very fact that you are reading these words, means that
you are among the top 1% of most privileged human beings on this planet.
You have the time, and the freedom, and the access to the wonderful technological miracle called a computer. This allows you to explore the new possibilities of cyberspace. We ask that on behalf of those not so fortunate that you use this privileged situation to participate in something that will be of benefit to the whole world.

Join us in co-creating a sustainable and compassionate socisety by making your homepage at the Bird Tribes One Earth Community Portal

There is a chapter in the book titled "the new information society", in which he acknowledges the importance of electronic technologies in spreading the flame of awareness. This website is dedicated to the use of the web as a truly new artform through which a new wave of spiritual knowledge may be shared.
These times of global crisis demand of us that we utilise the resources at our disposal wisely. As we approach the much prophecized end of the Mayan calendar in dec 2012 there will be a huge wave of interest in Planetary Awakening. We are creating together a Temple - a place where Angels gather to co-create the transubstantiation of the Earth.

The BirdTribes website has been created because the beauty and truth of the vision that was shared in the book Return of the Birdtribes was too great to be a fleeting gift to its readers - it is a story that deserves to be remembered and known throughout the world. It is one of the great historical archetypal stories that can inspire us to create a future that is not bound to the chains of western materialism and fanaticism. It is the story of a people who call themselves the people of truth, the people of peace, the people who have not lost touch with reality. We invite you to read it and to share with us in building upon its foundations a temple of peace in the infinite realm of cyberspace.

There are many reasons why consciousness is presently spreading so rapidly: the tremendous explosion in human connectivity brought about by the telephone, radio, television and orbital satellite relay stations; the exponential explosion of information due to the tape recorder, video recorder, film and computer technology.
No sooner are the words spoken by the White Buffalo Calf Women, the Deganawidas and Hiawathas of today but they echo through the heavens, flow through cables that run beneath the ocean floor, sail tower to tower, leapfrogging microwave across the country. Simultaneously, they whistle in telephone wires across Nebraska and the Ukraine. They sail, electronic signals at the spedd of ling - satellite to earth, to satellite and to earth again, circling the globe. Even as the words are spoken, the ears of the world are listening, waiting, open to receive." - from page 129.