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About Us

The BirdTribes website is created and managed by Narada Dan Vantari,
author and illustrator of 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life'
which you can read for free here

Dan is among other things a poet, musician, graphic artist, website maker, and animator.
Thie BirdTribes site is the oldest of his many websites. It was first created around 2000
and is somewhat neglected, although it has received some updates in early 2021.

You can learn more about his various projects at
In approx 1989 Dan was living on a rural community and helping to organise festivals.
He read the book by Ken Carey 'Return of the Bird Tribes'
and like many others he was touched by the Beauty of its stories,
and in particular the story of the Great Peace Maker and his legacy
that still continues to be relevant to the world situation.
He felt that this was too important a story to allow it
to disappear into yester-years inspirations.

One of the early ways in which this was expressed was in the creation of the Bird design
which was used to screen print T-shirts and cards, and also the inspiration for the music album recorded a few years later Jewels and Flames.
The latest version of the bird designs and sacred geometry jewellery,
and more are available in our store here.

Around 2000 Dan was inspired to create the first version of the BirdTribes website
as a way of keeping the vision alive and sharing it with others.
Also at this time the first attempt was made to launch the BirdTribesNetwork.
This was not eagerly taken up by the masses and so the project
was put on the back burner for a while.

In 2007 with another wave integrated into the Bird Tribes website plus the Sacred Geometry Forum.
We invite you to register there for free and interact.

Some good friends have also contributed content to the BirdTribes site
and are credited next to their materials.

More quality contributions of content for the BirdTribes site are welcomed.

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