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Who Are the Bird Tribes?
by 'Feathers the Dawn'

The most profound understanding of 'the Birdtribes' involves a grasp of the holographic, fractal and unified nature of existence. To understand any particular phenomena in Creation, shamanic traditions advise us to 'look to the form' : what do the birds of our exquisite natural world - our greater self - offer the imagination? The exhilarating freedom of air-borne flight, the expanded vision afforded by great heights, an attunement to the rhythms of nature as they greet the dawn and eventide, and surely the peace and harmony of Song. As such, 'the Birdtribes' fundamentally represent a metaphor for the higher impulses, the wider visions and the upliftment and freedom of the spiritual life.

Shifting the lens to the world of differentiation or individuation, the metaphor of 'the Birdtribes' is also evoked in reference to angels, starseeds, benevolent interdimensional entities, divine and timely messengers.

1Bird Tribes throughout history -
Both interpretations of the Bird Tribes - that is, of divine inspiration and benevolent individuated entity - are featured in the iconography of virtually every Indigenous, religious and/or folk tradition.
They are variously portrayed as an actual bird (like the dove in Christianity representing the descent of the Holy Spirit) or as human-like beings with wings (e.g., angels and mytho-historic figures such as Isis and Inanna) or bird heads (e.g., the Ibis-headed Thoth and hawk-headed Horus).

Animistic and shamanic traditions the world over - from Ancient Greece and Rome to Africa and Native America - observe the appearance and movements of birds as portents - whether good or ill. This attentiveness to (one could say) the 'sentient hologram' has permeated the human noosphere. It is displayed in the etymology of words such as 'auspicious' - from the Greek 'auspicum' meaning the portentous direction of a bird's flight.

For many, as mentioned above, the concept of 'the Birdtribes' also embraces the inter-galactic and interdimensional beings or 'starseeds' who came to Earth so as to promote positive advancement in the human evolutionary process. Classical references to these evolution-inspiring beings are often mis-translated as 'gods' - even though, for example, according to researcher Snitzchen, the Sumerian term for these teachers was apparently 'annunaki' - meaning 'those who from Heaven came to Earth'. Remembering that ancient Sumer was an early phase of the Mesopotamian 'cradle of Western civilization', it is edifying that ancient Sumerian texts repeatedly affirm, "All that we know we were taught by the gods".

As a Greek philosopher remarked,"The gods did not reveal all to human beings - but humans, as they apply themselves, learn more".

The Ken Carey book, 'Return of the Birdtribes' - which constitutes a fundamental source of inspiration for this site - represents 'the Birdtribes' as the higher dimensional aspects of Being, including our selves. There seems to be a clear link between Carey's suggestion of the imminent "Return of the Birdtribes' and the 'end of waiting' invoked by the Hopi Elders who counseled ~
"We are the Ones we've been waiting for".
Feathers the Dawn

Indian Dawn

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Birds are an archetypal symbol for the spirit and its freedom from the limitations of the material world.
"You may think of us as the personification of natural forces and laws if you like -
and there will be a certain poetic justice in this as it is quite similar to the way in which we conceive of you."
~ Firebird

The name Bird Tribes comes to us from the tradition of the Native Americans. Yet though they have been known throughout the world and throughout the millennia by many names such as Angels, Messengers, Higher Selves, Ascended Masters, ExtraTerrestrials - still their essential nature, like our own, remains a deep and beautiful mystery.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get a grasp on the concept of the BirdTribes is to put them in the context of the 'real world'. In the book Return of the BirdTribes
which was the original inspiration for this website, the whole of what we call recorded history is the story of the 'warrior tribes', and we recommend you read our page about the recent history of the warrior tribes for clarification of the Bird Tribes relevance to the modern world and its peoples.

To quote from Return of the Bird Tribe's introduction...
"There are many names for us. We have been called angels, Bird Tribes, higher selves, hoksedas, spirits of the stars. The reality of what we are is more than a name can convey...".

Keeping in mind that there is no simple answer to the question of who the Bird Tribes are - let us say then that a working definition might be that the BirdTribes are the Angelic Consciousness that knows no separation from the Sacred Source of All Existences, and constantly remembers its ultimate kinship with all created beings.
The Bird Tribes are us when we have integrated permanent awareness of the Divine Presence. They are our complete wholeness speaking to us from the dimension where they eternally reside.

More quotes from the introduction to
Return of the Bird Tribes ~

"Although communication with discarnate beings is not widely practiced in the industrial nations, such communication has played a central role in virtually all recorded human development" ... "Human history, recent and ancient, provides countless instances of poets, saints, mystics, even statesmen and scientists who have experienced significant encounters with metaphysical beings of one sort or another."1
"Certain of the angelic tribes... rarely interact with the earth or her inhabitants. Others have been intimately involved with this planet from her inception, being, in fact, the agents and overseers of her organic development. Within this category of angels long associated with biological life is a highly specialised circle of beings who are responsible for the education of human kind."

So the BirdTribes may be thought of as Angels that are particularly concerned with the destiny of humanity, and yet... the book also makes it clear that there have been human beings throughout history, scattered among all cultures, who shared this consciousness. In fact the truly human being, the full expression of our potential - is an integration of the apparently separated individual entity with the Angelic consciousness that experiences no separation from the Omnipresent Reality.

In the Return of the Bird Tribes it is explained that what we think of as normal human consciousness is actually a disconnection from the angelic aspects of our whole beings as we allowed ourselves to be dominated by the egoic warrior tribe mentality. It is an evolutionary phase that is ending, for it has served its purpose in teaching us the inevitable result of believing that we are separate from the world and can benefit by exploiting it for our own gain.

The apparent separation of the human consciousness from the Universal and Omnipresent Consciousness... is not 'real'. However - the intensification of the experience of the illusion of such separation has been the defining characteristic of most of the short span of recorded Human history. As our consciousness evolved and became more intensely self-reflective, we simultaneously became more acutely aware of our apparent separation. This provoked an existential anxiety and obsession with trying to control the apparently separate external reality. This process reached its natural limit as experienced in the unprecedentedly destructive politics and science of the last century.

Having reached its limit the circle is now swinging back in the other direction - but at a new octave.
A new level of awareness is being attained on mass. A new awareness which integrates
the experience of individual existence with the knowledge of the ultimate unity.
This is what we refer to as 'the Return of the Bird Tribes'!

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This section was kindly written for us by Dan Winter. As he notes - this is just a very quick overview of a deep subject. You can find much more information on the websites linked below.

When Ken Carey originally sent me his manuscript for his later publication "Return of the Bird Tribes" we were already leading ritual with the Iroquois and Seneca groups (like Twyla Nitsch) in the Eagle (bird tribe) star map of Pennsylvania. (www.goldenmean.info/eaglemorph ) Only later did we learn that the Iroquois name BirdTribe - for the ancestry of their PeaceMaker- (whom we later learn is identical with the Quetzalcoatl myth - whom we later learned is functionally identical to Hermes / Nigishidda) - was functionally identical to: the Cherokee- star elder ADAWI * the aboriginal - VALNAAPA * the Christian - OPHANIM * the Andromedan - PAA TAAL (the origin of the Egyptian royal PTAH line) * even the Kiliman term KILIMANJARO which while functionally a term for ENKI (Father of Hermes / Ningishidda) - probably more accurately refers to his blood line: BIRDTRIBE.

This note - being limited can be mostly only a reference to already existing articles:
Ophanim Enochian alphabet as BIRD TRIBE: goldenmean.info/orion and goldenmean.info/dragonscriptdna

The history is simple - the genetic problem of our Annunaki and other ET ancestors can be summed up quite simply: they lost the skill to charge ignite blood / DNA with bliss. When DNA is in fact ignited with the fractal ambient charge generated by BLISS - it braids recursively to the point of implosion (and pelastration). At that point it phase conjugates and begins to make its own significant gravity field and local black hole. The academic articles with evidence (Peter Gariev, Russia) - linked at goldenmean.info/dnawave (good film there on this).
See how the alphabet structures - like the South America Chacana - of ALL these cultures - are simply the permissive hypercubic charge entry angles to allow DNA to be fed (& imploded / phase conjugating - with charge). This is particularly true of the OPHANIM ENOCHIAN alphabet later called BIRD TRIBE (note in the link /Orion above - how this became the movie STARGATE). Alphabets are the symmetry of charge residues- from lightning - in the way DNA is ignited with bliss. See Los Alamos physicists prove plasma symmetries from DNA triggering solarwind become alphabets on most EVERY ancient petrogylph carving - goldenmean.info/vishnew

dna small

The point is that ( as the Russian scientist correctly explains) PHASE CONJUGATION is the optical and broad spectral mechanism which allows DNA to make these measurable black holes (gravity- see links). The term for these opposing cones -opposite phase conjugating optical helix with empowered DNA- is YOD and VAU.  Thus the term Yalweh - (Yod He Vau He) used to describe both Enlil/Yalweh/Amun -AND  Krishna -are actually names for the electrical condition of phase conjugating blood - sometimes equated with 'being God'.
Those two opposing cones - (triangles) are the flag of Israel and Alpha Draconis (Dragonish goldenmean.info/dragonscriptdna) - in part for this reason.
If we take the top down view of DNA which IS successfully and implosively phase conjugating (and bliss ignited)- we see that the angles at which charge emerges LOOKS LIKE WINGS!

Bird Tribes small

This then animates to be the holy grail in blood ( animation at goldenmean.info/realgrail )
So in this sense - a WINGMAKER (in the sense of wingmakers.com ) is one who knows the skill to charge ignite blood. The DNA in blood and the physics of bliss measurement are both entirely based on charge attractive FRACTALITY for this reason.

Graphics and Esoteric History by Dan Winter.
For more of his work visit www.goldenmean.info



The 'Language of the Birds" is the language of Reality, the Music of Light that is the Source of all Meaning. It is a language of the heart that can slip through the cracks of the mind as Poetry, Metaphor, and Imagery that transcends the minds sense of logic and reason.


When you wrestle with the concept of an Angel - always persist until you get the gift of their message !

In many traditions the 'Language of the Birds' is a well known concept. In Sufism it is a mystical language of angels. In Celtic mythology birds usually represent prophetic knowledge. Solomon's proverbial wisdom was due to his being granted understanding of the language of birds by God. In renaissance magic and alchemy the language of the birds was considered a secret and perfect language and the key to perfect knowledge, sometimes also called the langue verte, the green language. In Egypt hieroglyphic writing is called "the alphabet of the birds". St Francis also spoke with the Birds. In Greek mythology the language of the birds may be attained by magical means, and Democritus, Anaximander, Apollonius of Tyana, Tiresias, Melampus and Aesopus were all said to have understood the birds.

Since the Language of the Birds is said to be both a language of light and a language of life it is fascinating to contemplate the science of 'bio-photons'. Since early last century it has been known and fairly widely accepted that all living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit photons of light. They are too faint to be seen by the unaided eye but can be measured by special equipment. DNA in particular is very active in emitting and absorbing biophotons. According to some theories biophotons form a communication system within and between the cells of our bodies.

As we point out on the SacredGeometry page - the shapes and patterns that we are able to perceive arise from the nature of our minds and our perceptual apparatus, which in turn arises from the same fundamental patterns. Therefore the colours of the rainbow are as much aspects of our own beings as they are external realities. We are the living Beauty of Light perceiving itself, we are the eyes of the great feathered serpent coiled around the branches of the world tree.

The following is extracted from an article by Vincent Bridges called
Reading the Green Language of Light

"From the work of modern molecular biologists Fritz-Albert Popp and Mae-Wan Ho, we know that DNA emits a weak form of coherent light that has been demonstrated to work like a communication system between cells and even between larger organisms. In this sense, the art of light is indeed the instrument of the spirit. It is nothing less than the mechanism, the framework so to speak, that allows Mind to exist in the universe. The language of light emitted and received by the DNA may be the original of all languages, the ultimate language of initiation.

"Fulcanelli clearly understood this, as he shows when he states that argot, the initiation of the Argonauts, is but "one of the forms derived from The Language of the Birds." This Ur-language, Fulcanelli insists, is the common language of initiation and illumination behind cultural expressions as different as the Christian, the Inca, the medieval troubadours and the ancient Greeks. And traces of it can be found in the dialects of Picardy and Provence, and most important of all, in the language of the Gypsies.

"These are stunning assertions. Fulcanelli informs us that the western cabala used by the troubadours and the builders of the cathedrals is based on the language of the Argonauts and the quest for the Golden Fleece. Which in turn is but one application of a vast Ur-language of symbols, derived perhaps from the DNA itself, that unite the global cultures of mankind, from the Inca to the ancient Greeks. And, to top it off, he told us that traces of it can be found in the language of the Gypsies, a fairly obvious reference to the Tarot, long held to be a Gypsy invention. Is he telling us that the Green Language, which is heard according to David Ovason only by those "who have clothed themselves in the skin of the dragon, "is simply a symbolic approximation of the information, transmitted by weak laser pulses, coming from our DNA?
According to the work of anthropologist Jeremy Narby, this Ur-language of light is a "forest television" of images in which "DNA is a snaked shaped master of transformation that lives in water and is both extremely long and small, single and double. Just like the cosmic serpent."[5] His assessment agrees with Ovason's comments that only one who has the skin of the dragon, or has become one with the cosmic serpent of DNA, can understand this symbolic language of light.

"Could it be possible, by looking at the structure of DNA, to reconstruct this dragon's speech, this green language of light's syntax, grammar and vocabulary? And could it be, as Fulcanelli suggests, that fragments of that original language of light can be found in the divinatory systems used by all nautes, shaman and initiates?

And towards the end of this article he adds - "It is possible to reconstruct the dragon's speech, the green language of light's syntax, grammar and vocabulary, because fragments of that original green language of light can be found in the divinatory systems used by all nautes, shaman and initiates, from the archaic oracles of the I Ching to the medievalism of the Kabbalah and the Tarot. By comparing these to the structure and processes of DNA, we can assemble a complex of photo-linguistic meanings that allow us to fulfil the ultimate goal of man's spiritual yearnings, that of reading the divine."

And further - "... the framework, the Gnostic pattern, behind the universal language of symbolism, the Language of the Birds and the Green Language, is this great word/world tree of DNA geometry. It is also the Ladder of our western shamanic Gnosis."


1 FromBlackElkSpeaks
"Now the fifth grandfather spoke, the oldest of them all, the spirit of the sky. "My boy," he said, "I have sent for you and you have come. My power you shall see!" He stretched out his arms and turned into a spotted Eagle hovering. "Behold," he said, "all the wings of the air shall come to you, and they and the winds and the stars shall be like relatives. You shall go across the earth with my power." Then the Eagles soared above my head and fluttered their; and suddenly the sky was full of friendly wings all coming down toward me."


These Words are just the feathers
of the Birds that fly between us

Carrying the letters of Fire from our Souls ~